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Adoration - melodic. gothic. metal.

Am I

They face me, judge me,
my complexion, my behaviour,
only consider what they see.
Am I what they say?

Feel elation, witness pain;
yearning throngs, affection keeps me.
Merely emotions in my soul.
Am I what I feel?

Who I am?
It's in my mind, the way I live.
My mirror requests it day by day.

I am reflected by the mirror,
discern the image. Is this me?
Beauty, blemish, comfort, pain.
Do I see who I am?

I'm sure he will know all of it.
I'm sure he takes my all.
I know I desire dearly
to be evermore like him.

- Text: Tabea Schönfelder -

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Ich geh durch die Straßen; um mich herum Hektik und Stress;
doch meine Gedanken sind weit weg.
Wo bin ich nur gelandet? Wohin hab ich mein Leben gelenkt?
Alles scheint mich zu erschlagen, scheint mich zu zerstören.

Wann werd' ich den einen inneren Frieden wiederfinden?
Ich flehe, schreie zu Dir: Schenk mir deine Kraft!

Seh' die Welt und erschrecke. Sie ist ohne Dich, alles in Finsternis.
Es macht mir Angst sie ohne Dich sterben zu sehn.
Werd' ich mit ihr sterben? Ruhelos rastlos suche ich Dich, finde Dich nicht.
Du scheinst so weit weg zu sein von hier!

Viele Fragen, wenige Antworten. Doch Du hebst mir den Blick ins Licht.
Ich kann die Sonne sehn, die ins Dunkel dringt.
Du gibst Mut zum Verändern. Ich spür deinen Frieden und ich fühle deine Kraft.

Du hast mir den eine inneren Frieden gegeben.
Du ziehst mich hin zu Dir: Ich fühle Deine Kraft.

- Text: Tabea Schönfelder & Daniel Seidel -

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I feel so far away from you, day by day a little more,
hatred fills my heart and envy tears my soul apart.
In my dreams fades every light and darkness brings the dawn of scorn.
God, is this your anger? Have you forsaken me?
I hear a whisper in the night...

Neither death nor life, neither angels nor deamons can separate me.
Neither past nor future, neither heaven nor hell can seprate me from you.

I feel empty, I feel sad, day by day a little more.
I see their graves and weep for even I will have to sleep.
Is life a bitter-tasting dream and waking up just means to die?
God, can you hear me? Is there eternity?
I hear a silent voice inside...

Wordless I smile to you. There's nothing separating us.
You take my sins. In you I'm strong.
I feel the strength to carry on...

- Text: Christian Schönfelder -

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Prayer for help

Listen to me, Lord, and answer me, for I am helpless and weak.
Save me from death, 'cause I am loyal to you.
Save me for I am your servant and I trust in you.
You are my God.

You are my God, so be mercyful to me. I pray to you all day long.
Make your servant glad, oh Lord, 'cause my prayers go up to you.
You are good to us and forgiving, full of constance, love
for all who pray to you.

Listen, Lord, to my prayers, hear my cries for help.
I cry to you in times of troubles, 'cause you answer my prayer.
There is no god like you, oh Lord. Not one has done, what you have done.
All the nations that you have created will come and bow down to you.
You are mighty and you do wonderful things.
You alone are my god.

Teach me, Lord what you want me to do and I will obey you faithfully.
Teach me to serve you with complete devotion.
I will praise you with all my heart, ohn Lord, my god.
I will praise your greatness forever and ever.
You alone are my god.

- Text: nach Psalm 86 -

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Am I alone?
Nobody following me?

I'm caught, I'm frightened.
Life is a prison, where is the key?
They're laughing, they're screaming.
Is there a place to hide?
They'll catch me! Help!

Where are you, god?
Is this meant last day to be?
Black smoke of deatch surrounds me.
But I want to breathe!
Night is getting darker, heart is beating slower.
I can see him, I can feel him! death!

Save me! Hide me! Lead me! Take me!

- Text: Christian Schönfelder -

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Our world is full of pain born of sin and death.
They're dancing 'til the last trumpets sound.
Black is our hearts ground.
Our mortal nature must put on immortality.

Whatever is born of god, overcomes this world.
Death lost its sting by the death of our living saviour.
God gives us victory through Jesus Christ.
No one can push his cross from its place!

Sin and death will stumble 'cause his death killed our sin.
He builds his new world - no more tears, no crying, no more fears.
Our mortal world will soon change into a new.

Death, where is thy victory?
Death, where is thy sting?
Death is swallowed up in victory!

- Text: Christian Schönfelder -

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